Not sure what the particulars of this blog are going to be yet. I’m looking for my voice.

I would like to see this as a vehicle to promote discussion and arguments (not quarrels) on various subjects. I do enjoy a good argument, but too often when I try to engage someone on-line it turns out the only thing they want to do is ridicule. They have not thought out the implications of the assertions that they are making, and when I try to dig deeper they just start in with abuse. I am not saying it is only the atheists that are guilty of this. I have seen those who profess to be Christian become just as hateful and vile as any militant anti-theist. I promise to never ban or block anyone for disagreeing with me, but I will if you are disrespectful, or if you make it obvious you are being obstinate just for the sake of contrariness.

I am not a educated person, other than what I have taught myself. I have no college degrees or formal education. I am an autodidact and enjoy reading, studying and learning new things. I was inspired by the “tent making” apologists that I follow, and thought I might be able to present my own view. James Warner Wallace says that we don’t need a million-dollar apologist, but a million one-dollar apologists. I may not qualify for that, but I am able to put in my two cents.

Lawrence N Owens

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  1. Thanks for following Jesus & Dawkins! I’m excited to follow what you do.


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